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So you found the job that fits - Great! To get it, make some money and have the things you want; you'll have to register. But first, check out what you can expect working at QDC.

Get Ready to Earn Money!

Here's where you'll be working. Bus transportation is provided from many locations throughout Kent and Lambton counties including: Dresden, Bothwell, Florence, Rutherford, Thamesville, Wallaceburg and surrounding areas.

"Quick Start" Training™

QDC is the only company that uses professionally developed training. It can really help you to earn more.


Our exceptional safety record & continuing efforts to ensure our workers safety has been recognized by the Workplace Safety Board.

Payment Policies

At QDC our pay policies are straightforward, honest and fair.

What You'll Need

To be comfortable this summer working outside, there are some things you need to bring.