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Earn More This Summer!

From detasseling to supervising, to bus driving;  for all ages and situations; you can earn more this summer with QDC! We offer some of the best paying summer jobs in your area!

Did you know?

QDC was the first large acreage detasseling company in Ontario.

QDC has hired more students and detasseled more acreage than any other company.

QDC has one of the best safety records in the industry.

Earn More... Lots More!

  • Experienced Detasselers can earn up to $16.00/hr!
  • Leaders can earn over $20/hr!
  • Supervisors can earn over $30/hr!
  • Year after year we have a long season and high work hours available.
  • We have the highest bonus rates plus the hours you need to get it.
  • Your bonus rate last year becomes your starting wage this year! Worked for another company? We'll apply these hours in the same way, so that all experienced workers start at higher pay right away!
  • Tell others about QDC and earn referral cheques. (See our Referral Page for rules and details.)

Whether you're 14, 24, or more; if you're a student, graduate or just want to earn more money -- QDC provides the highest paying opportunities.

Read our 2020 Health & Safety Protocol Although we are in a very unique situation this year, Agriculture is an essential service and planting has taken place as usual. For this season we will be implementing all safety rules and requirements of Canadian, Provincial and local Health Authorities. This will ensure the Health and Safety of every worker. It’s the #1 priority for us!

"I started out detasseling, but worked my way up. Last year I earned over $40.00/hr."

S.B., Dresden, ON

Q: Why is QDC able to pay more than other detasseling companies?

A: QDC is the only company that has a Trademark Patent on their detasseling process. We can detassel fields more efficiently, and then pay YOU a higher wage and bonus!

Jobs at QDC

At QDC, we have a wide selection of high-paying jobs.

Whether you are just starting out or have experience, check out the jobs we have available.

Working at QDC

What can you expect when you work with QDC?

Well for starters, get ready to earn money!

What is Detasseling?

Are you curious what corn detasseling is all about?

Take a few minutes and watch our informative videos.